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Scanners, microform reader-printers, and computer print stations are provided for our patrons' convenience. Scanners and printers are account-based and do not accept coins or bills. Students use their Print Quota to pay for printouts in the library.

The library has the following resources:

Printing (Black-White & Color):
Cost for black and white printouts is 4 cents per page; color printouts are 35 cents per page (Two-sided printing counts as two pages). Students access their print quota on library computers and kiosk whenever they log in to a computer. Printing is automatically charged to your ACC Lab print quota. There is no printing available for non-student guests.
There are scanners located on the Main Floor of the library. Students logging in to these scanners have the option of printing, scanning to email, and scanning to flash drive. Anyone may use the scanners to send email or save to a flash drive. Ask for help at the User Services office..
Microfilm Printers:
There is no charge for microform printing.

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